Toady Hollow


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An extremely limited edition item – when it’s gone, it’s gone for good!

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Toady Hollow

Toady Hollow is a hollow ‘log’ (actually a glass jar that’s been made to look like a hollow log). It’s covered with faux moss and a sprinkling of tiny flowers.

Look inside and you’ll see a magical world where fairies can hide away from the the clumsy world of humans. There’s a little toadstool house at the back, with stepping stones leading to it. To the sides are flowering plants which add to the magical ‘hidden world’ effect. A crystal lantern hangs at the front, which will catch the light beautifully and project rainbows when the light is just right.

Best of all? The whole thing lights up! Yes, I have painstakingly added fairy lights to the ‘ceiling’ of Toady Hollow, so you can light it all up whenever you like.

  • Each flowering plant is handmade
  • The toadstool’s windows glow in the dark
  • The underside of the toadstool’s roof, and the spots on its upper side, glow in the dark
  • The stepping stones glow in the dark
  • The lantern is made from Czech crystal beads
  • The controls for the fairy lights are contained in a pouch on the back of Toady Hollow. The batteries in the fairy lights are replaceable.

An unimaginable amount of work went into making Toady Hollow. As such, it is priced much higher than any of my other products. And because it took so much work, and such expensive materials, after the initial run of 8 pieces I will never be making these again. At the time of writing I have two left in stock – and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever, so if you have fallen in love with Toady Hollow please don’t delay – buy one today!

Please note – Toady Hollow is not suitable for outdoor use.

Vital statistics

  • Length: 11cm
  • Diameter: 9.5cm appx


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