Rechargeable USB cork lights


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A smart way to light up a painted glass bottle

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Rechargeable USB cork lights

These funky gadgets were practically made for Mooshkin!

Use them instead of a normal cork to light up your painted Mooshkin bottles. They’re the same size as a typical wine cork, so will work well in any bottle with a standard neck width.

Remove the cork end to reveal the USB charger. Plug it into your computer, or a phone charger, or any USB charging point, to recharge the battery.

To use, twist the tip. The light is a bright, cool white and lasts around 45 minutes before the cork light will need to be charged again.

Please note that although this is a small item, postage is quite expensive for me (because the item is too wide to be sent as a ‘large letter’). This is reflected in the online price. If you’re buying this item with an item of glassware, please email me first and I’ll send you a voucher code so that the cost of postage for the cork light is deducted from your total basket price. Alternatively, you can buy these lights from me at craft fairs for £5 each.


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