Hand made greetings card: “Fuoch chi ‘rioed yn morio?” Welsh nursery rhyme watercolour


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A hand made greetings card featuring a watercolour print of the Welsh nursery rhyme ‘Fuoch chi ‘rioed yn morio’. Please scroll down for a full description.

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Hand made greetings card: "Fuoch chi 'rioed yn morio?" Welsh nursery rhyme watercolour

This hand made greetings card features a print onto textured paper of an original Mooshkin watercolour painting. The image depicts a dog sailing on the sea in a frying pan, being blown along by the wind. This scene is from a Welsh nursery rhyme, Fuoch Chi ‘Rioed yn Morio? which goes:

Fuoch chi ‘rioed yn morio?
Wel do, mewn padell ffrio.
Chwythodd y gwynt fi i’r Eil o Man
A dyna lle bûm i’n crio.

A literal translation is: “Have you ever been sailing? Well yes, in a frying pan. The wind blew me to the Isle of Man, and that’s where I cried”.

The card has been left blank for your own message. Each card is individually wrapped in cellophane.

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