Debs - MooshkinI’m Debs, and this is my little online store. Hello! :)

I’ve always loved creating. Anything and everything, I enjoy creating it. I’m especially good at creating mess :) For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to do a job where I would spend all my time being creative. Back home in London, where I was born and raised, I enjoyed writing poetry in my late teens and early twenties, and always assumed writing would be my eventual creative profession. In a way it is, because my ‘real’ job, when I’m not covering my kitchen table in paint, is being a marketeer and copywriter through my main business, debbidoo. I’m also a website creator; I designed and built the Mooshkin website myself, using WordPress – if you’re curious about that, here’s my other business website, WP Websites Wales.

Since moving to North Wales in the year 2000 with my husband (who is local to this area) and my daughter (who is now a mother herself, and who is also a very creative person) I’ve dabbled to varying degrees of success in all sorts of creative hobbies, including knitting (takes too long – I’m impatient!), sewing, cooking, raw chocolate making, music videos (with hubby, who’s a musician and for whom I occasionally do backing vocals), gardening, decorating our home, drawing and of course, writing. But in the past few months I’ve found myself longing to do some painting – something that, in truth, I’ve never really considered myself to be any good at.

One day I had an idea that I could make some nice solar lanterns as Christmas gifts for my loved ones, and so I bought some glass paints, some jars, some solar lights (the lamp-post type) and some self-adhesive rubber tape. After some experimenting I hit upon the ‘signature’ Mooshkin leaves and flowers design, and since then I’ve been obsessively painting glass in that pattern. Someone suggested I start selling my painted items (they’re kind of taking over the house a bit), and so here we are :)

That’s more than enough about me. Now for some information about the website…

‘Mooshkin’ is a pet name I give to cats. Not just my own three cats – all cats. Actually it’s ‘pussy mooshkin’, but I thought that would probably make a very misleading business name so Mooshkin it is!

The items on sale are largely painted glass. I save old jars and bottles and, instead of recycling them, I upcycle them, giving them a new lease of life. I also buy in brand new glass and paint that – again, bottles and jars mostly. But I do also paint on paper, in watercolours and acrylics, for my greetings cards. I’m also venturing into decorating wooden items, so expect the ‘wood’ category of the shop to expand a little before too long :)

For important information about things like delivery, payments, privacy etc, please visit the ‘useful information‘ page. There you will also find my contact details, just in case you need any help with anything or want to ask a question.

Thanks for visiting – please come and say hello at one (or all) of Mooshkin’s social media accounts! :)